• Tennessee ranks 44th in the nation for investment in public schools and is ranked in the mid-thirties in education quality.  Rebecca will support investing in our public schools to ensure students have the resources to succeed.
  • Rebecca will support our professional educators in their efforts to provide an excellent education to our students.
  • In the last legislative session, an attempt to secure additional public education funding based on rapid growth in Williamson County was not successful.  Rebecca will find new ways to make sure our schools are appropriately resourced.
  • Rebecca opposes vouchers.  Voucher programs turn over public tax dollars to private entities to educate kids.  Multiple studies have shown that "voucher students" fared far worse than their public school peers.  Rebecca believes investment in our public schools is the best policy choice for our kids, our communities, and our schools.


  • Tennessee leads the nation in the percentage of people working in minimum wage jobs.  Rebecca will work to create jobs that inherently pay higher wages.
  • Few State Representatives have a technology background and understand the needs of technology companies when it comes to starting or expanding operations. Rebecca is ready to put her experience as a technology company founder and leader to create an environment where technology companies and their employees can thrive.

Growth and Our Environment

Rebecca believes we have a responsibility to manage growth strategically and be good stewards of our land, water and air.   As State Representative she will make sure the our local leaders and the constituents they serve, have a strong partner in the General Assembly when it comes to support of strategic growth initiatives, local control, and protection of our environment.


  • Tennessee leads the nation in rural hospital closures and the number of hospitals at risk of shutting down.
  • Tennesseans with insurance are paying higher premiums, deductibles, and are often not able to pay for sudden healthcare expenses.  Prescription costs are rising.
  • Tennesseans are frustrated with the lack of action by our elected officials to address our healthcare crisis.  Addressing this problem will be complex and difficult, but one thing is certain - things will not improve without effort.
  • Rebecca is committed to working with all stakeholders to expand access to affordable healthcare.  She supports moving forward with Medicaid Expansion and will work to apply lessons learned from the 25+ states that have already expanded Medicaid.

Substance Use Disorders

  • The opioid epidemic has spread across Tennessee and is now having a substantial impact on Williamson County residents.
  • Law enforcement and medical professionals in Williamson County are responding to overdoses every couple of days.  First Responders are administering NARCAN (a life-saving overdose reversal drug) once every few days.
  • Rebecca will work to curb over-prescription of opioids while making sure that chronic pain patients are able to get the care they need.
  • Rebecca believes Medicaid Expansion is critically important to establishing more treatment facilities and access to treatment.