A top-notch education system is critical for quality of life and long-term viability of any community.  As a former technology business owner and executive, I understand the importance of preparing children to compete for jobs.  In recent years Williamson County schools have been impacted by rapid growth and that is expected to continue.  I will work to ensure that our children are armed with the skills and resources they need to succeed.


With decades of experience in the defense, aerospace and intelligence industry, as a business founder and executive, I am skilled at understanding complex systems, building relationships and finding ways to bring large groups of individuals together to achieve (seemingly impossible) missions.  I will apply those skills to maintaining a strong economy in Tennessee.


Tennessee is a spectacularly beautiful state.  I fell in love with Williamson County instantly.   We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to manage growth strategically and be good stewards of our land, water and air.  Williamson County, Franklin, and Brentwood are extraordinarily well-managed.   As State Representative I will make sure they, and the constituents they serve, have a strong partner in the General Assembly.


Problems rarely get solved when we ignore them or refuse to talk about them.  Most residents of Williamson County are fortunate to have health insurance in place, but premiums are rising for everyone.  More broadly, hospitals across Tennessee are shutting down.  The opioid epidemic in Tennessee is getting worse each day.  Addressing this problem will be complex and difficult, but one thing is certain – things will not improve without effort.   I’m committed to working with all stakeholders to lower premiums and expand access to healthcare.